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  • The gendered postconflict city: Possibilities for more livable urban transformations in Gulu, northern Uganda 

    Harris, John C.; Komakech, Daniel; Monk, David; Davidson, Maria del Guadalupe (Journal of Urban Affairs, 2022-08-10)
    Scholars acknowledge that postconflict urbanism is undertheorized and underdeveloped for practical governance or sustainable urban management, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, which has unfortunately experienced ...
  • Freedom of expression in relation to persons with Deaf blindness in Uganda 

    Among, Hope; Okurut, Emmanuel (East African Journal of Peace and Human Rights, 2021)
    The freedom of expression and is deemed a major human right whose protection is essential for the enjoyment of other rights and is exercised at different levels that is the home, community, and national level. According ...
  • Charcoal Burning and Climate Change in Uganda: A Legal Perspective 

    Okurut, Emmanuel (International Journal of Research and Innovation in Applied Science, 2020-12)
    This paper reviewed the legal perspectives that govern charcoal burning and climate change in Uganda. The paper unveiled legal loopholes in the current legal framework that is causing the prevalence of tree cutting ...
  • Implicit Arguments in Ugandan English 

    Isingoma, Bebwa (English Studies at NBU 2021, 2021-12-30)
    In standard British/American English, some transitive verbs, which are ontologically specified for objects, may be used with the objects not overtly expressed (for example, leave), while other transitive verbs do not ...
  • Order of adjectives and adverbs in L2 English: evidence from L1 Acholi speakers of Ugandan English 

    Amarorwot, Sarah; Isingoma, Bebwa (Studies in Linguistics, Culture and FLT, 2021-11)
    Abstract: L2 English are quintessentially characterized by cross-linguistic influence at all levels of linguistic analysis as a result of contact phenomena. This study examines the contribution of the syntax of a Ugandan ...

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