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  • Trusted sources of information on COVID-19 vaccines during the pandemic in Uganda. A crosssectional study 

    Oloya, Johnson Nyeko; Alema, Nelson Onira; Okot, Christopher; Olal, Emmanuel; Ikoona, Eric Nzirakaindi; Oyat, Freddy Wathum Drinkwater; Steven, Baguma; Ochula, Denish Omoya; Olwedo, Patrick Odong; Pebolo, Francis Pebalo; Atim, Pamela Okot; Okot, Godfrey Smart; Nantale, Ritah; Aloyo, Judith; Kitara, David Lagoro (Research squares, 2023-10-17)
    Background. COVID-19 has dramatically impacted communities worldwide, especially in developing countries. To successfully control the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 80% vaccination coverage was required, and the flow of ...
  • Nodding syndrome in Ugandan children—clinical features, brain imaging and complications: a case series 

    Idro, Richard; Opoka, Robert Opika; Aanyu, Hellen T; Piloya-Were, Theresa; Namusoke, Hanifa; Musoke, Sarah Bonita; Nalugya, Joyce; Bangirana, Paul; Mwaka, Amos Deogratius; White, Steven; Chong, Kling; Atai-Omoruto, Anne D; Mworozi, Edison; Nankunda, Jolly; Kiguli, Sarah; Aceng, Jane Ruth; Tumwine, James K; Kakooza-Mwesige, Angelina (BMJ Open, 2013-04-08)
    Objectives: Nodding syndrome is a devastating neurological disorder of uncertain aetiology affecting children in Africa. There is no diagnostic test, and risk factors and symptoms that would allow early diagnosis are poorly ...
  • Interrogating the agency and education of refugee children with disabilities in Northern Uganda: A critical capability approach 

    Monk, David; Walton, Elizabeth ; Madziva, Roda ; Opio, George ; Kruisselbrink, Annemaaike ; Openjuru, George Ladaah  (National Children's Bureau and John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2023-10-17)
    This paper draws on empirical evidence from a 3-year research project in Northern Uganda examining the educational experiences of refugees with disabilities. The authors present the compounded and interrelated challenges ...
  • Towards a transformative lifelong learning agenda for non-traditional students at university 

    Tumuheki, P.B.; Zeelen, J.; Openjuru, G. L. (Journal of Adult and Continuing Education, 2023-09-16)
    Liberalisation of higher education in Uganda meant opening its provision to the private sector, and also running a public-private mix model at public institutions. Consequently, the composition and needs of the student ...
  • Revisiting VET research paradigms: Critical perspectives from the South 

    Monk, David; Molebatsi, Palesa; McGrath, Simon; Metelerkamp, Luke; Adrupio, Scovia; Openjuru, George; Robbins, Glen; Tshabalala, Themba (Journal of Vocational Education & Training, 2023-11-16)
    This paper reflects on a large multisite funded VET research project conducted by a large and diverse research team. Reflecting on two of our case studies, from Uganda and South Africa, we consider both the need for ...

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