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  • Freedom of expression in relation to persons with Deaf blindness in Uganda 

    Among, Hope; Okurut, Emmanuel (East African Journal of Peace and Human Rights, 2021)
    The freedom of expression and is deemed a major human right whose protection is essential for the enjoyment of other rights and is exercised at different levels that is the home, community, and national level. According ...
  • Charcoal Burning and Climate Change in Uganda: A Legal Perspective 

    Okurut, Emmanuel (International Journal of Research and Innovation in Applied Science, 2020-12)
    This paper reviewed the legal perspectives that govern charcoal burning and climate change in Uganda. The paper unveiled legal loopholes in the current legal framework that is causing the prevalence of tree cutting ...
  • Stigmatization, discrimination and the right to heath of autistic children in Uganda 

    Okurut, E; Among, H (IUIU Journal of Comparative Law, 2019)
    Autism spectrum is a neurodevelopmental disorder that has adverse effects on the development of an individual. This condition usually impairs an individual’s ability to carry out ordinary day- to-day functions such as ...
  • The contentious relationship between Africa and the ICC 

    Okurut, E.; Among, H. C. (Journal of Law and Conflict Resolution, 2018)
    The ICC was established in 2002 under the Rome Statute with significant support from African states which comprise thirty percent of the ICC’s total membership. After nearly two decades in operation, the ICC has issued ...
  • Accountability for Acts of Torture by Counter Terrorism Law Enforcement Officials in Uganda 

    Okurut, E. (University of Botswana Law Journal, 2017)
    The problem of torture has been a serious challenge within Uganda’s police force and has persisted over the years regardless of a number of measures against the practice.1 The practice of torture has permeated the entire ...