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  • Factors Associated With Mortality Among the COVID-19 Patients Treated at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital: A Retrospective Study 

    Baguma, Steven; Okot, Christopher; Onira Alema, Nelson; Paska, Apiyo; Layet, Paska; Acullu, Denis; Nyeko Oloya, Johnson; Ochula, Denis; Atim, Pamela; Odong Olwedo, Patrick; Okot, Smart Godfrey; Oyat, Freddy Wathum Drinkwater; Oola, Janet; Ikoona, Eric Nzirakaindi; Aloyo, Judith; Kitara, David Lagoro (Frontiers Public Health, 2022-04-11)
    Background: The advent of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has caused millions of deaths worldwide. As of December 2021, there is inadequate data on the outcome of hospitalized patients suffering from COVID-19 ...
  • Structural validity and reliability of the integrated conflict and violence scale 

    Mutto, Milton; Lawoko, Stephen; Bangdiwala, Shrikant (Taylor & Francis, 2009-09-07)
    The study validated structure stability, reliability and sub-scale distinctiveness of integrated conflict and violence scale (ICVS) and was cross-sectional; war-affected grade 5 school children participated. ICV internal ...